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2019 Job Market Trends to Gain the Upper Hand During Your Career Hunt

Posted August 8, 2019

We’re halfway through the year, and we’re taking a quick pulse check on 2019 thus far.

A few things will be changing for job seekers— so we’re exploring some of the most popular trends and making logical predictions about what to expect in 2020.

Here are five job market trends to help you gain the upper hand during your career hunt:

1. Higher Salaries

Good news: the unemployment rate is down as of August of 2019, according to the U.S. Department of Labor

This tight margin means that more people are fighting over fewer jobs— and employer’s need really razzle dazzle good candidates to lock them in. Additionally, many high paying Boomers are retiring, leaving room in a company’s hiring budget for fresh talent.

This means that if you’re underquoted with your next job offer, it’s time to bridge the dreaded salary discussion. Here are a few tips for winning your salary negotiation with confidence.  

2. Better Diversity

Race, gender, gender identity, veteran, ageism, physical or mental disabilities, religious beliefs: there’s so many factors that can lead to discrimination within the workplace.

While many companies have made great strides in making their office environments more inclusive, there’s a number of reasons that diversity programs still fail— and many organizations could use more help. But the effort has been there nonetheless, and changes are in the not-so-distant future.

We predict that 2019 is sure to bring more diversity, following in the admirable footsteps of some of the most diverse companies to work for in 2018. These businesses have made huge strides in paving a new standard for inclusion and belonging, and continue to influence others. 

During your next interview, don’t be afraid to appropriately draw on your differences and highlight how they make you a unique choice for the role or company as a whole. Here are some tips for spotting a company with poor emphasis on culture to know avoid a bad fit!

3. Need for Non-Tech Workers

It’s no shock that technology companies are becoming more and more popular as we develop bigger and better tools and more clever automations to save time and money. 

Tech industry leaders like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook hire waves of tech whizzes year after year, but these powerhouses and followers are hiring their fair share of “non-tech” workers as well. These companies need more than just developers and software engineers; they also need project managers, human resource representatives, etc. to run efficiently. 

The explosion of tech companies can actually mean good things for account executives or managerial roles, as well as strategic masterminds. Here are a few insights on how tech companies screen their best talent.

4. Less Separation of Work/Home Life

This job market trend wasn’t meant to imply that companies are making you work longer hours (although some may certainly try!). We mean to say that in late 2019, employers have less tolerance for online shenanigans. 

With social media being such an easily accessed connection, it’s becoming harder and harder for employees to “hide” their online face from their professional one. Now more than ever, you must be conscious of what you share about yourself on the web and how it affects your career image.

Read our article on six common mistakes that sink Millenials to discover how you can combat this problem and other similar issues within the workplace.

5. New Ways to Job Search

Applying for jobs isn’t like it used to be, even five years ago. Online job boards are becoming a thing of the past— and AI is taking over the equation.

Now proactive job seekers are finding you with the help of machine learning technology and the incredible well of data they can track through your online activity. 

Hiring managers are adopting new hiring platforms beyond the traditional outlets like LinkedIn or Indeed, and you need to as well. In fact, we’ve got one that we think you might like… GoGig.

Seize the Opportunity with GoGig

With your newfound knowledge of these late 2019 job market trends, you’re probably geared up to start applying!

Even if you are currently employed, it’s always smart to be an active job candidate and stay alert for new opportunities. With innovative job searching software like GoGig, you can discreetly look without alerting your employer.Your profile is easy to set up, only takes a few minutes— and is completely free. Hiring managers reach out to you, with little effort on your part! Sign up to create your free GoGig profile, today.


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