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3 Reasons LinkedIn Recruiting Fails

Posted April 13, 2017

Far too often, the first step a company will take to grow their employee base is sending a trusted recruiter straight to LinkedIn. On first thought, that might seem like a good idea, if not the best idea.

It’s no secret that LinkedIn has a major network of over 100 million active users per month. So, surely, at least handful of these users would be a perfect fit for your company, right? Statistically speaking, yes at least some of those 100 million users would be a great fit for your company—if you can find them.

The Old Way vs The New  

In the good old days of recruiting, a headhunter was the connecting force between outstanding and qualified candidates and prospective companies. These roles involved gathering all crucial information, vetting, and assessing each candidate, keeping that information in a private database before presenting specially selected candidate profiles to hiring managers.

With the introduction and subsequent takeover of LinkedIn, however, the bulk of this carefully curated information is now available with the click of a button for any candidate. This seems like a much easier process— so much easier that many companies choose to forgo headhunters and hire a team of recruiters (who can assist with filing and clerical tasks in addition to finding candidates) or simply scour candidates themselves via an internal team.

Too Many Fish = Negative ROI

The problem with the new process? What used to be a small-but-valuable list of pre-vetted qualified candidates nicely wrapped and presented has now become an overwhelming mass of more than 100 million candidates. Even utilizing special keywords related to candidate’s work experience or the company’s position will yield millions of results, simply leaving too many candidates to search through and assess.

This new hiring process negatively impacts ROI by requiring companies to spend a significant part of their budget and time to pay for a recruiter’s tasks alone. These recruiters (or an internal team) now blindly contact and gather information on potential candidates, who may not even meet all of the minimum required skills. Worse, the candidate with the perfect skills and experience may have finally been found and contacted, but isn’t remotely open to a new position in the first place! This leads to a lot of money and time spent with no ROI.

Lack of a Personal Touch

When working with a headhunter, the hiring process for companies as well as the job search process for candidates was much more personal. They were able to meet with and understand the personality of the candidate, and then find the companies best suited for them and vice versa. In the age of LinkedIn’s goal of instant recruiting gratification and efficiency, however, a bombardment of options has now replaced the human touch. Why is personal connection important when finding the right person for the job? Two words: company culture.

With the LinkedIn method, there’s plenty of room for error. Say your company found and hired a candidate with the perfect skillset and experience who agreed to all of your terms. Sounds great, right? Sure! That is, until you discover the new hire is an introvert who desires minimal collaboration, but your company culture is shaped by extroverts who prefer to work together. Noticing this isn’t the right fit for them, the candidate then promptly submits their two weeks notice and not only you are both back at square one, but all the extensive recruiting and hiring funds spent in the process have now been lost.

A Better Way

LinkedIn leaves companies dealing with too many candidates, spending time on candidates who aren’t even interested in your company, vetting those who don’t even meet all of the requirements or are simply not a good fit, and negatively impacting ROI.

Fortunately, there is a much better way that offers solutions to all of the above. GoGig’s dynamic and innovative service completely takes these issues out of both the recruitment and job search processes.

This allows much lower hiring costs, higher ROI, and ensuring a smooth process to finding not just an ‘okay’ fit for your company, but the perfect fit. So, if you’re ready to take the headache out of hiring and find the perfect candidate, sign up today and we’ll help you get started.

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