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4 Powerful Recruitment Trends for Hiring Managers in 2020

Posted March 11, 2020

Every year, we take a long, hard look at hiring, recruiting and overall job market trends.

In 2019, we predicted higher salaries for employees, a need for non-tech workers and more. Many of these data-driven speculations came true — and this year, we’re making another set of trend forecasts. This time, we’re focusing on recruitment, specifically. 

Here are some of the top recruitment trends affecting hiring managers in 2020:

1. Prospective employees care deeply about culture

Company culture is at the forefront of hiring this year. During the last few years, you  may have noticed an increase in inquiries concerning culture during the interview process yourself. 

Prospective workers are becoming more aware of companies with high turnover rates, poor employee reviews online, and businesses that skimp on benefits packages. That helps them spot a bad company culture from a mile away. 

In many instances, these interviewees are looking for a place where they fit instead of a place that pays well, taking a job because they know they’ll enjoy their daily lifestyle in the office, build long-term relationships, and grow with the company. 

So why is culture so important? It could be for any number of reasons. Some of the most popular ideas are that the new generations of employees are much more concerned with being happy in their lives, as opposed to being wealthy. 

However, that’s just one idea. Other possibilities could include everything from the prevalence of bachelor degrees to the creation of entirely new industries. Innovation, technology, local needs, and the standard of living can all play a role in someone’s perception of company culture as well. 

How to keep up with the trend: This year, prepare to talk about the things your would-be employees really care about. Review these top culture-related questions in interviews in 2020 to get started.

2. Interviewees want to know you prioritize diversity and inclusion

Every company wants to be perceived as diverse. 

But unfortunately, despite what’s perceived, diversity programs often fail in many organizations. Diversity workshops and training programs are often viewed as unnecessary “work” for managers. Even when mandatory participation is enforced, hiring tests can be ignored and practical takeaways are never acted upon. 

So why are these programs viewed so negatively? 

Inclusion strategies are typically only implemented after a problem has already reached a peak — making them remedial instead of proactive. Nevertheless, employees want to see that your company is free of prejudices or exclusions, and it's your job to encourage your workplace to foster an inclusive environment.

Inclusivity is not just a PR move, either. It allows you to make the most of everyone’s strengths, regardless of their background or education. Instead, you can tap into what they’re passionate about doing, allow them to use their passions in the workplace, and foster them as they grow into integral members of your organization. 

In other words, you get the chance to mentor the future leaders of your business and your industry. 

How to keep up with the trend: Have you noticed any biases against race, gender, gender identity, veteran status, ageism, physical or mental disabilities, religious beliefs, etc. in your own interviewing process or within your company culture on the whole? They may big or small, and sometimes they can be as brief as a passing “joke.” 

Speak up about changes you feel could drive inclusion and attract better talent.

And if you have to support your ideas to an executive, remember that research has shown that diverse organizations are 33% more likely to have higher revenue than their industry average. 

3. Artificial intelligence will improve efficiency

Technology just seems to get smarter and smarter, continuing to help people in astounding ways. 2020 is sure to be the same, filled with technological advances within the workplace. 

Specifically, artificial intelligence (AI) is making an entrance into human resource departments.

As a hiring manager, you know everything that goes into finding and vetting capable prospects. Fortunately, intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) are swooping in, helping to automate portions of the hiring process. 

Many modern conversational AI can automatically answer common questions about pay, benefits, and more to save yourself and recruiters precious time to allocate towards more in-depth job listings and interviews.

Keep up with the trend: If your company website doesn’t already utilize live chat functionality, research the top conversational AI providers and see if you can get yourself a handy virtual assistant. These bots can be programmed to do so much more than helping HR, and you may even discover they can lend a hand in customer service, social media management, and more.

4. Candidates will experiment with new job search platforms

Most hiring managers are familiar with the typical places people check for listings — CareerBuilder, Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, and more. But in 2020, job hunters and hiring managers alike will use new methods for finding a career. 

There are different job search boards hitting the market too, with popular platforms  — like GoGig — developing a different way for candidates to find better companies and for hiring managers to find qualified passive candidates

Keep up with the trend: Before posting your job listing across all the usual job search platforms, tap into your internal network to look for reliable referrals or for internal candidates who would be a good fit for the role. Keep your eye out for alternative career hunting platforms and research new tools hitting the market in 2020!

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