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When to Leave Your Job: 7 Signs It’s Time to Quit

Posted October 29, 2019

Signs-it-is-time-to-quit-your-jobHave the past few months at work been “off?” Maybe you’ve had an unrelenting feeling of agitation or boredom. Or, perhaps work is just okay. No excitement, and you’re not feeling fulfilled.

Whatever the reason, if Sunday evening is filled with impending dread of another workweek, this article is for you.

Leaving a job is often associated with a lot of negative stigma. Many view quitting as a bad thing, but if a job is no longer serving you, there’s no harm in being open to or even exploring new opportunities.

Here are seven signs that you might be ready to start looking for a new job:


1. The Job is a Bad Culture Fit

One survey found that 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success. Simply put, work culture is rapidly becoming a non-negotiable factor for more and more interviewers.

If your company doesn’t stand behind their core values, hires bad bosses or negative-minded employees, or doesn’t embrace change, it can be difficult to feel comfortable in your workplace. 

Here are some clear signs for spotting a bad company culture, as well as some culture-focused interview questions you can ask your next prospective employer before accepting the job to ensure the next place is a better fit.


2. There’s No Promotion in Sight

One big reason employees quit a job is because they aren’t climbing the career ladder, according to Investopedia. How long can a place expect an employee to stay satisfied in one role with no upward mobility?

Whether you work for a small company that doesn’t offer promotion for your role, you have a stingy or difficult boss, or lousy employees get promoted due to office politics— being stuck in one place isn’t fun. If there’s no prospect of timely growth, both in terms of hierarchy or salary, it might be time to start career hunting.


3. You’re Not Learning New Skills

Doing the same thing over and over without change can become monotonous and unfulfilling. Engagement is often bred from changes in stimuli— and a lack of growth can be as good of a reason as ever to quit your job.  

If you’re rarely learning anything new, you’re not developing new skills. Technology, ideas and processes are constantly evolving, and if your employer doesn’t give you the opportunity to improve your skill set or put an emphasis on professional development, you’re falling behind your competing job seekers.


4. Promises Are Never or Rarely Kept

You’ve asked your boss multiple times for the things you need to succeed. Every time, you get a “yes, I’ll be sure to look into that” and nothing ever changes. Nothing breaks trust faster than broken promises or lack of attention to something you’ve deemed important, especially when you’ve asked time and time again.

“All talk and no action” bosses/managers are a bottleneck in your growth path, and can make you feel undervalued, under appreciated and irrelevant. If you’ve tried to ask for changes multiple times to no avail, it’s time to find a workplace environment that values your ideas and positively looks upon improvement. 


5. Job Security is Unstable

Have you heard whispers about layoffs or financial trouble within your company? If your business is struggling and you sense instability, it might be wise to jump ship before it sinks. Look for red flags like downsizing, missed paychecks or any suspicious activity that indicates an impending end.


6. You’re Receiving Job Offers Without Even Trying

Is your LinkedIn getting viewed relentlessly? If over the past few months you’ve been receiving more messages and calls from headhunters, you may be more desirable to prospective employers than you’re giving yourself credit for. 

Recruiters are always on the prowl, but if you’ve been receiving a higher influx of inquiries or more personal reach-outs from leaders in your industry, it may be wise to listen to what they have to offer. There are likely greener pastures on the horizon, beyond just more money. 


7. You Just Don’t Feel Fulfilled 

Have you just stopped caring at work? If your motivation is sapped and you simply don’t feel fulfilled by the work you’re doing, maybe it’s time for a complete career change, more so than a new company within your field. A lack of interest or purpose can be one big reason to quit your job and start over with a cause that inspires you.


Be a Passive Job Searcher

Do any of these signs that it’s time to quit your job resonate with you? We know that it’s scary to leave your current job without another position lined up— but you can often find higher salaries and better diversity by making a switch. 

Passively seek a new career without your boss knowing, with the help of GoGig. 

With our innovative job search platform, you can create a personality profile and list your resume privately without your name, so that your employer won’t know you’re on the hunt. Sign up for a free GoGig profile today.

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