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How To Find The Hidden Personality of a Job Candidate

Posted August 29, 2017

What is hidden personality? In the Talent Acquisition world, it’s the true personality of the candidate that is often withheld during the hiring process. It only comes to light thereafter the fact. Want to find out how you can uncover a candidate’s hidden personality?

When it comes to hiring, how much emphasis do you and your acquisitions team place on personality? Most recruiters tend to focus only on experience, skills, and talent—at a great disservice to their company. Why? Because the personality of your candidates matter more than you would think.

Culture is Key

It all comes down to company culture. While experience can be earned and skills can be taught; personality cannot. The personality of your employees is what creates your company’s culture, and a thriving company culture can do wonders for improving retention, reducing turnover, and even boosting productivity.

So during the hiring process, it’s important to not only focus on the personality of your candidates but to find their true “hidden” personality as well. This will help find the candidate best suited to the position and your company, which will enhance your company culture and reap the benefits.

How Not to Hire for Personality

Many companies who rely on online applications have included personality assessments for years. This is often referred as “selection bias.” However, these simply don’t work. Why? Because a candidate can easily tailor their answers to how they think a company would want them to.

This is a problem. At best, you get a vague sense of their overall personality and your team is told what they want to hear. At worst, the information provided can be misleading, leading to a mismatched culture fit and subsequent turnover.

Plus, extensive studies show that the process of hiring that only involve personality tests (alongside interviews and reference checks) are considerably less effective than other means.

How to Do it—the Right Way

In the age of sorting through resumes and LinkedIn sourcing, finding a candidate’s hidden personality used to be exceptionally difficult. But it doesn’t have the be that way any longer, thanks to GoGig.

With GoGig, there are no ineffective question-and-answer personality quizzes. Instead, we use a complex algorithm to analyze the writing samples of candidates and create comprehensive personality reports for each potential hire.

This gives companies looking for talent the ability to understand the true hidden personalities of potential hires, and provides valid insight into how the candidate will fit into their company’s culture. All of this is paired with the ability to search and vet candidates by skills, talents, and location as well.

Simply put, GoGig is a game changer. If it sounds too good to be true, then sign up for GoGig today to see just how much we can transform your hiring by providing access to the highest quality passive candidates and their comprehensive personality analysis.

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