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Talent Acquisition Tools and Trends

Posted August 22, 2017


As the lead decision maker for hiring, your best candidates are often those presented to you—meaning, the quality of your candidates comes down to the tools and methods of your talent acquisition team.

This is why it’s crucial that your team stays on top of the latest talent acquisition tools and trends. After all, business and technology are always evolving and if your team doesn’t keep up, your business can be plagued with high turnover or a disastrous company culture.

For this post, we've put together a list of the top talent acquisition tools and trends of 2017 so far, to help keep your acquisition team up to speed with bringing in top-notch candidates. Let’s get started:

Trend: Courting 

It’s been said that at least 60% of candidates have a bad experience during the hiring process, and a startling 72% of those candidates will document the experience online for all potential candidates, employees, and business connections to see. 

In this day and age, everything about your business is documented. From official outreach via a brand’s social media and website to anonymous reviews posted by staff and candidates online. As such, many companies strive to have a dynamic company culture, fabulous offices, and awesome perks, but not just for the enjoyment of their employees.

This means the hiring process is no longer a period in which candidates vie for the attention and selection of your company. The inverse is actually true. This creates a positive experience for candidates, making them either want to work for your company even more or at least leave a good impression if there is no offer. Either way, believe us—they’ll talk about it.   

The things candidates say about your hiring process can either attract top talent or have them running for the hills. And the truth is, you have the power to guide your team in either direction.

Trend: Hiring for Soft Skills

One of the biggest trends of 2017 is the focus on a candidate's soft skills. What are “soft skills”? Basically, they’re the skills that a candidate possesses outside of learned working experience. These can be personality traits, hobbies, and/or a positive attitude, etc. 

It’s no secret that company culture can make or break a business. This is why top companies focus on retention and reducing turnover by focusing on soft skills that allow new hires to thrive in their companies and evolve their cultures all at the same time

Tool: Mobile 

Another surprising trend in 2017 is the inclusion of mobile technology. We’re not just talking about cutting-edge acquisition apps like GoGig either; but mobile communication and texting. Instead of relying on traditional communication like phone calls and emails, several employers are making the switch to mobile, with 41% stating they’ll be scheduling interviews by text message

Outside of the acquisition process, the same study referenced above also found that 63% of companies expect new hires to have functioning experience with mobile-dominated social media to further enhance their skill set when they begin their new roles. 

Tool: GoGig

As mentioned above, GoGig is a cutting-edge innovation in talent acquisition technology. Unlike the resume-sorting process or tedious LinkedIn talent sourcing, GoGig takes the hassle out of hiring and helps your team source the best passive candidates that you otherwise didn’t know existed—which makes your final decision a bit more difficult. 

Why do we say that? Because GoGig delivers top passive candidates right to your team, so when it comes time to make your decision, you’ll be choosing from a shortlist of the highest quality candidates instead of sifting through a large pool of unqualified candidate resumes. 

GoGig delivers the highest quality due to the ability to search candidates by their skills, talents, and experience as well as providing a comprehensive personality report to help recruiters identify their real personality and soft skills.

We get it, it probably sounds too good to be true, which is why we invite you to sign up for GoGig today and see just how much your talent pool improves. Trust us—your acquisition team and your business will thank you.  

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