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The Growing Trend of Personality Assessments in Talent Acquisition

Posted October 3, 2017

As a talent acquisition professional, you know how important it is to stay on top of the latest trends and breakthroughs in hiring. As such, you’ve probably heard the term “company culture” a few—or maybe a few thousand—times. There’s a reason for this, as hiring for company culture can bring huge benefits to a business such as boosting productivity, retention, as well as profits.

So how do you identify a candidate’s potential culture fit by looking at a resume that only lists skills and experience? Well, you don’t. Instead, you should focus on the trend of personality assessments in talent acquisition, of course. In this post, we’ll be giving you a comprehensive look at this trend and the right tools to use to unlock personality-based hiring and bring more success to your hiring efforts.

Culture Fit and Why It’s Important

We briefly mentioned culture fit and its many benefits above, but the topic really deserves a section in its own right. While culture fit is often tossed around and argued to be nothing more than a hot hiring buzzword, this attitude could not be further from the truth.

A dynamic company culture is proven to help companies outperform the competition, consistently increase profits, and help establish them as industry leaders. So what is company culture, exactly? Company culture is created by adhering to your company’s morals and missions, keeping employees happy, and creating a workplace based on teamwork. In other words, your company culture is the community created by your organization and employees.

This is why ensuring your team members are a good culture fit is so important. Each and every member of your organization can contribute to (or take away from) your company’s culture. Culture is the key to reducing turnover, and happy employees often care more and are much more driven when they’re placed in the right culture fit.

The First Step: Recruiting

Perhaps your company culture could use a little revamping. Luckily, hiring the right personalities can do the job. If your culture is already strong and effective in its own right, great. But that doesn’t mean you can hire just anyone, as even one or two wrong personalities can throw off the entirety of your culture altogether.

The talent acquisition team functions as the company gatekeeper. They let in top talent who can greatly enhance the business, and work to keep out those that just don’t fit. Many companies are catching onto recruiting’s crucial role in this process, so the trend of personality assessments in talent acquisition is on the rise with no signs of stopping.

When a candidate’s personality can be assessed during the recruiting process, it allows a company to find new hires with the best personality traits to improve and contribute to their company culture from the very beginning. The alternative happens far too often: hiring based solely on skills and experience only to experience a high turnover due to poor culture fit.

The Right (and Wrong) Tools to Use

While the trend of personality assessments is on the rise, not all methods of assessment work. Think about this: several companies spend time and resources to implement personality quizzes for candidates during the application process, only to continue their trend of high turnover. It’s an obvious problem, and companies still continue to do it. But why.

Because not all personality assessments are created equally. The multiple choice or “choose which best applies to you” quizzes are far too unreliable to do any good. The answers candidates provide during these assessments are often much closer to what they think the company wants to hear, versus how they actually feel. This is called Selection Bias. This makes simple personality quizzes inaccurate and, to put it simply, the wrong tool to use.

GoGig removes selection bias from the equation, and is truly the only hiring platform that utilizes an unbiased cultural fit analysis on passive candidates. Our method helps you find the right fit before the outreach process begins, which helps cut down on interview time and turnover.

If you’re ready to enhance your recruiting, improve culture fit, and find the true personalities of your candidates, then sign up for a free trial of GoGig today and see just how much our platform can transform your hiring.


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