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Top 5 Personality Types Recruiters Look For

Posted July 3, 2017


While skills and experience often dominate the hiring process, an underestimated factor that needs more consideration is personality type. Candidates who possess one (or more) of the five personality types below are much more likely to fulfill their respective roles to the fullest and provide big benefits to a business. 



This first personality trait, while a no-brainer, is crucial for any candidate. Are they timely, polite, respectful, and projecting a positive attitude? If a candidate does not possess professionalism, especially in an interview, they may not measure up when they need this trait on the job. 

Those who convey professionalism are well-suited for many positions, especially customer-facing roles, management roles, and roles in which the candidate will be interacting with both coworkers and upper management. Professionalism is essential in these roles due to the levels of respect and conflict minimalism required to succeed. 



Confidence is still among the top desired personality traits, but are you looking for the right type of confidence in your candidates? Confidence does not equal cockiness or obnoxiousness. For example, there is a big difference between a candidate who is confident in their abilities to be successful in a new role and a candidate that acts as if the potential position will be too easy. 

Candidates who possess the right kind of confidence will do well in roles that require frequent feedback and professional development. This is due to the confident candidate’s desire to learn and grow, and the ability and self-belief it takes to turn feedback and learning into tangible results. 



While confidence and professionalism are highly important, the other top factor recruiters look for is a high-energy personality. These individuals are results-driven, task masters, who can handle challenges coming at them left and right.

High-energy professionals do well in roles which are results-based, managerial, and rely on communication. These individuals have the personality to lead a team to greatness, communicate efficiently, and unendingly strive for results.



While a bit lower on this list for some recruiters, the self-monitoring personality type is another desirable trait in candidates. Candidates who possess this personality type are able to start, execute, and finish tasks with little to no guidance or reliance on a team. Additionally, these professionals are also prone to more productivity than those who do not possess the self-monitoring trait. 

Self-monitors thrive in positions that focus on completing tasks independently. While the range of tasks for these personality types is vast, most excel in simple to complex tasks without direct supervision. This is because self-monitors also possess a highly self-motivated work ethic which drives them to succeed in their roles with or without acknowledgment and guidance.  


Intellectual Curiosity

The last personality trait is by no means the least. Intellectual curiosity is a candidate trait that can enhance not only the potential role but the company overall. Those with this personality trait bring creative ideas, innovation, and new initiatives to their respective companies, as well as the ability to greatly succeed in their roles. 

Intellectually curious candidates will succeed in positions that revolve around creative thinking, fast-paced changes, and problem-solving. Because of their naturally curious nature, these professionals are fantastic at thinking outside of the box and coming up with a multitude of ways to tackle just one problem. 

Hiring with personality in mind may sound extremely difficult, especially when relying on traditional job boards, resumes, and LinkedIn recruiting. Well, not anymore.

At GoGig, candidates who use our platform are analyzed by an in-depth algorithm to identify their respective personality types. This makes hiring with personality the easiest it’s ever been and gives recruiters a powerful and industry-changing tool to meet and exceed their goals. Don’t believe us? Sign up for GoGig today, and let us show you how easy it can be.

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