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Why Culture Fit is the MOST Important Factor for Employee Retention

Posted June 14, 2017

Recruiters often focus on hiring those with specific talents, skills, and experience, leaving company culture as a last thought. After all, this is the way it’s always been done. Employers hire for a specific skill set and then hope they’ll be a good and lasting fit.

Even if a candidate or new hire has all the skills desired and more, those skills won’t ensure their ability to communicate, collaborate, or to fit in with the rest of the company altogether. This leads to mismatched employees fleeing for an opportunity that better suits their needs and increases company hiring costs. To prevent this situation from happening in your company, it’s best to focus on hiring for culture instead of only skills and experience—here’s why.


Employee Engagement

A dynamic company culture undoubtedly creates a highly engaging work environment. When employees are engaged, they are able to collaborate, communicate, and work well with one another to achieve business goals and maximize productivity.

Focusing on individuals who can fit in with the culture created by current employees and who resonate with your organization’s mission statement and values can provide far higher value than a high talented individual who doesn’t mesh well. These employees won’t be engaged and may be unhappy in the environment altogether, leading to truancy and, eventually, turnover.


Increased Job Satisfaction

When an employee feels as though they just “belong” within their company, they thrive in their day-to-day responsibilities on a long-term basis.  Prioritizing culture when hiring leads to increased job satisfaction and contributes to very low turnover.

Increased job satisfaction doesn’t just mean your employees will be happy to come to work each day. They’re also much more likely to go for advancement opportunities, as they’ll want to remain with the company in the long-term, leading to dynamic teams with strong leadership and a culture that promotes strong talent from within.


Building an Inviting Community

Due to the factors of satisfaction and engagement, hiring the right culture fit also leads your company to go from “just a business” to a blossoming community. When the employees fit well with one another, they build strong working relationships that form a community over time.

The community mentality aids with thoughtful collaboration, open communication and increased productivity all around. A community bond can also aid in boosting participation in after-work activities such as wellness programs, conferences, and team-building exercises, leading to an even stronger team.


Heightened Motivation

Hiring based on culture fit and it’s many benefits ties into heightened motivation. Motivation is the very human factor which drives us to succeed. Without it, people simply go through the motions with no real passion or enthusiasm involved.

When an employee finds themselves engaged in a satisfying community work environment, their motivation is enhanced, which leads them to perform their best, continually improving every day. With a motivated hire, role-specific skills can be enthusiastically learned, simply because they will want to. You can teach skills and change talent-focus, but you can’t do either with personality.  

Additionally, hiring for culture gives your company the opportunity to train hires as you need them trained paired with the comfort of knowing they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon (thanks to the benefits of hiring for the right culture fit).


How YOU Can Hire For Culture—Right Now!

At GoGig, we’ve harnessed cutting-edge recruiting technology to make hiring for culture simple, fast, and easy. Our candidates are analyzed with dynamic tech which lets you see their personality profile based on several factors of communication.

This allows you to get a firm idea of how a candidate will fit in with your company culture so you can start hiring for the long term and kiss high turnover rates goodbye. Don’t believe us? Watch our webinar on How To Hire For Culture Fit. Your company will thank you.


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