Career Matching


GoGig offers a suite of business software solutions that deliver anonymous career matching technology to four key verticals: Talent Attraction, Internal Employee Mobility, Higher Education, and Economic + Workforce Development.

If you hire people our solution is perfect for you.

GoGig’s robust suite of Business Solutions help deliver career advancement technology to a variety of verticals including HR, continuing education, workforce development and more.

GoGig’s anonymous career matching technology can be applied to multiple verticals and industries. From HR Enterprises to Education and Workforce Development, GoGig has you covered.

Removal of Implicit Bias

Keep your company compliant with all Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) laws against unconscious bias in hiring or internal employee mobility.

GoGig allows candidates and employees to control who they want to unveil their identity to. This reversed approach in the selection process removes any possibility of unconscious bias.

Upward Mobility

Anonymity allows for candidates and employees to safely express desires for career advancement without judgement from their peers or bosses.