Remaining anonymous removes all implicit and unconscious bias at the selection process to give everyone equality of opportunity for career advancement.

Anonymity helps talent with upward career mobility, even if they already have a job today. Unlock your internal employees, alumni association, workforce population, or external talent network to match them with hiring professionals that they can build relationships with.

GoGig is the first technology of its kind that allows enterprise organizations to build a customizable anonymous community of passive and active candidates that are interested in working at the company. Our Anonymous Talent Attraction Product allows organizations to promote their employer brand and cultural values to attract talent to their own community which they can source from and nurture without bias.

GoGig is the first technology of its kind that has created an anonymous internal employee mobility platform to promote upward + lateral movement within a company without any unconscious bias in the selection process. You can now have a customizable community of internal talent to source from and nurture at your fingertips during the most challenging labor shortage we’ve seen in years.

While Alumni Engagement platforms are helpful for social and mentoring engagement, they don’t help deliver upward career mobility for alumni that already have jobs. GoGig is the first technology that builds customizable solutions that allow alumni to advance their careers anonymously without jeopardizing their current job.

GoGig is the first technology of its kind that allows governments to drive prosperity across the entire workforce in their areas. Remaining anonymous allows unemployed, underemployed, overqualified, and passive job seekers all to benefit from the GoGig platform for career advancement without unconscious bias or jeopardizing their current job.