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Build a community of passive and active talent to drive your HR, Alumni Career Services, and Workforce Development initiatives - all private labeled, under your own brand.

We Believe Candidates Should Feel Secure and in Control of their Career Advancement

GoGig’s proprietary desires-based matching algorithm allows for anonymity in the initial selection process which removes implicit and unconscious bias entirely from the talent sourcing process. GoGig’s technology also protects the privacy of those who may not be actively looking for a new role but are open to exciting new opportunities where they can advance their career.


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GoGig’s anonymous platform allows you to safely advance your career without jeopardizing your current job. Sign up to GoGig for free in as little as two minutes.



Career Matching Solutions

GoGig offers a suite of business software solutions that deliver anonymous career matching technology to four key verticals: Talent Attraction, Internal Employee Mobility, Higher Education, and Economic + Workforce Development.


We Believe Candidates Should Feel Secure and in Control of their Career Advancement

Remaining anonymous puts the power of career advancement in the hands of the candidate, as opposed to traditional hiring technologies, which allow bias to occur in the hiring process. Using GoGig’s platform, candidates can input unique career desire and cultural fit data safely, removing discrimination and implicit bias. Candidates control which companies they reveal themselves to.

As a result, businesses can prioritize diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices, connect with talent they would not find on traditional job boards, and gain deeper insight into candidates.

The standard tool for career advancement is a resume. With GoGig, you won’t need one. How can you build an anonymous profile that fully explains who you truly are?
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Remaining Anonymous is key to solving many issues in talent acquisition and career advancement.

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Removing Unconcious Bias based on age, race, ethnicity, gender, country of origin and veteran status.