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GoGig is a mobile professional network that helps currently employed and actively seeking individuals advance their careers anonymously. Hiring companies can match to passive candidates based on culture fit and desires through AI and powerful algorithmic search.
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Who's Talking About Us

"I've seen a number of recruitment technology solutions. GoGig offers a solution that focuses on results. This is a unique value proposition that most companies in this market miss and enterprise clients badly need."
 Hank Stringer, Founder of Hire.com
"As a data scientist, I am deeply impressed by GoGig’s forward-thinking approach to hiring, which is at the bleeding edge of Recruitment Technology. Their team’s A.I. approach to assessing cultural and career desire fit is something that will have the rest of the industry playing catch up. This is the future of the industry, but GoGig is already there."
 Elan Barenholtz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology at Center for Complex Systems, Florida Atlantic University - Brain Sciences Director for Visual Mind Lab/Machine Perception and Cognitive Robotics Lab
"85SIXTY was able to tap into an entirely new group of candidates that we hadn't seen before on other platforms. It allowed us to start the networking process and have meaningful conversations with candidates that were a fit for our culture before we even needed to hire. GoGig is a great solution that the hiring world badly needs."

- Steven Price, President 85SIXTY

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