Introducing GoGig, the

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GoGig offers a suite of business software solutions that deliver anonymous career matching technology to four key verticals: Talent Attraction, Internal Employee Mobility, Higher Education, and Economic + Workforce Development.


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Sign up in as little as two minutes. GoGig will match your career desires and interests to real hiring professionals in our network. Remain anonymous until the Match is made.

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Sign Up is Easy

Download the GoGig app. Sign up with First Name, Last Name, and email address. You decide when this information is revealed to a Hiring Professional.


Anonymous Career History

Input your professional experience without revealing any of your personal information.


Career Desires

Because of GoGig’s anonymous algorithm, you can safely input everything you’re looking for in your next career move without fear of judgement or bias.


Cultural Fit

You’re a human, right? Resumes don’t communicate anything about you as a person. GoGig’s Cultural Fit Engine generates a report that provides HR professionals with deep insight into your humanistic traits based on a writing sample you provide.


GoGig’s algorithm facilitates conversations with HR professionals who match your interests. You control who you want to reveal your identity to.

Chat with Hiring Companies

Build relationships with real HR professionals through private chat, not job postings.


GoGig is your platform for career content without the noise of traditional social media.

Upward Mobility

Keep your anonymous profile active and up to date - even after you find a job - to always know what else is on your horizon.

Available in both App and Google Play Stores

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